Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moving Stills - a digital drive around Phoenix

Moving Stills - a digital drive around Phoenix

I've been taking Moving Stills pictures off and on for several years - it's my favorite series on this web site. Unfortunately, I lost every Moving Stills post when I moved web platforms last fall. It has taken quite a bit effort to put them all back together, but now that I have it up and running, I'd love to share it with you.

The rules for a Moving Stills post are simple:
(from Moving Stills 1:) "the picture must be taken from my car. Inside my car, standing on top of my car, or within a few feet of my car. No hiking across fields or through city centres to get the perfect shot. And no staging whatsoever – these will be natural pictures of our fine city."
Click Here to scroll through all the Moving Stills pictures - see if you can identify what/where they are before reading the descriptions..

collage of pictures from in and around phoenix az
here's a random assortment of 10 Moving Stills photos as a collage.


-Chris Butterworth