Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Ikea hacks worth sharing

3 Ikea hacks worth sharing

What do you do when the perfect item isn't available, or it's only available at a specialty store and costs a thousand dollars more than your budget?

Enter IkeaHackers, a site where people share their creative ideas for using Ikea furniture and products in ways other than what Ikea originally intended.

Here are 3 such ideas I found interesting, and quite possibly useful, for an average home:

Bathroom Vanity from HEMNES Dresser

1.) Take a HEMNES dresser from Ikea.

2.) Get the perfect sink and vanity top.

3.) Hollow out part of the dresser for the plumbing.

4.) Voila! a unique vanity with plenty of storage space.

Read the entire post, with step by step directions, here.

Floating EXPEDIT Shelves

The directions included with the Expedit Shelves clearly show they shouldn't be hung from the wall. However, one crafty homeowner was able to use L Brackets, screwed into the studs, to provide enough support for the shelving units.

hanging (floating) expedit shelves

Read the entire post, with step by step directions, here.

The Frame Hanger

An idea that's so simple, yet so useful.

picture frame hanger

Full post here.

Left as is, the knob gives the picture frame some added depth and texture, which makes an interesting design statement.

I could see this as a useful (and decorative) tool for hanging necklaces and other jewelry. You could easily add multiple knobs or hooks to each frame, and who says the frame has to be antique and rustic? I'm picturing framed photos of the kids as necklace-storage for Mother's Day later this spring..!

What do you think? Do you have any other hacks worth sharing?

-Chris Butterworth