Thursday, December 27, 2012

From the Archives - December

From the Archives - December

I hope you're all having an awesome Holiday Season!

christmas cactus

I figure most of you are off from work, or out of town, or otherwise celebrating and enjoying company with family and friends. But a few of you might still be around, so I thought I'd share a few posts we've written in December over the years...

Why Phoenix is Known for Sunsets - December 8, 2008. A beautiful picture, and one of the reasons thousands of people move here each year.

Snow in Phoenix - December 30, 2010. Yes, it does snow in Phoenix - probably about once a decade. And yes, we do tend to get over-excited about it when it does..!

Fixing a Clogged Bathroom Sink - the Layperson's Guide - December 3, 2008. A pretty handy tutorial for those who are a bit intimidated by unscrewing things under the sink. Turns out it's a 5-minute job, and it's very easy.

When Good Sprinklers Go Bad - December 30, 2009. Whether it's the end of the month, the end of the season, or the end of the year, it's a good idea to check on your sprinklers once in awhile to make sure they're doing the job.

This will be the last post I write in 2012, so have a safe and happy New Year's, and I'll see you again in 2013!

-Chris Butterworth