Thursday, December 20, 2012

ceiling fan without blades

ceiling fan without blades

bladeless ceiling fan

Imagine a small, unobtrusive disc attached to your ceiling that does a better job of circulating the room's air than your traditional ceiling fan. If the folks at exhale fans are as good as they claim, this could be the look of the future.

Technology Forward

The technology has been headed this way. Haven't you noticed the public restrooms that have the Dyson high-powered hand dryers? (the ones that are 1,000 better, where you don't need to wipe your hands on your pants after "drying" them!)

high powered hand dryer

Or how about those bladeless fans, also by Dyson? They're a bit pricey for my living room, but they look sooo cool, and they get great reviews.

dyson bladeless fan

Well, the two companies are using different technology and different airflow mechanics, but the results are similar - more air movement, more consistent air movement, and less energy used. Not bad...

Video Demonstration

Here's a video of the exhale ceiling fan submerged in a "room" of water, showing how evenly the flow gets distributed. (and a really cool vortex where the water is pulled up into the fan.)

Here's a link to the video mentioned: (in case your rss readers strips the embedded video).

More Info and Where to Buy

Yes, they come in different colors.

Soon they will have LED lighting, and an option to be a Wi-Fi router for your house.

Price point looks to be around $300, give or take.

It looks like delivery will be available in the spring of 2013. Check out the exhale fans website for more information.

What do you think? Would you give up your traditional ceiling fan in favor of this new air-moving technology?

-Chris Butterworth