Monday, October 8, 2012

New Digs - Blogger - Ahhhh, feels good to be back

New Digs - Blogger - Ahhhh, feels good to be back

Good News is back in business, and COMPLETELY revamped. Good bye, Wordpress; hello, Blogger.

I wrote my very first blog post on the Blogger platform, way back in 2006 - and almost immediately migrated to Wordpress. Since that time I've built and played with a dozen different blogger blogs, yet my real estate blog has held steadfast to wordpress. Truth be told, I've become a much bigger fan of blogger than wordpress, and I'm looking forward to moving forward.

More Good News

As far as websites go, I'm 95% author/researcher and about 5% webmaster (and that's being generous.) This new setup will require less web management, and the management that is required is stuff that I'm comfortable with from working on my other blogs. That allows me to spend less time making the blog work (and/or making it look good) - I'll let a small internet company called Google manage the back end for me!

Bad News

Moving almost 1,800 posts and pages wasn't completely pain free, and I'm still working through a few glitches. I also discovered some broken posts from when Heather and I merged our two former blogs into ThePhoenixAgents back in 2009.

It turns out this process conformed to the old 80-20 rule. 80% of my content moved without issue. But the 20% is being a pain in the butt, and will take me a bit of effort to manage its move. Ok, make that A LOT of effort.

But, be that as it may, the page is turned, and I'm looking forward. (which is good news, since there's no turning back!)

Any comments, ideas, suggestions, or observations? I'm all ears..

-Chris Butterworth