Friday, September 21, 2012

BIG changes coming soon!

This has been a very busy month - behind the scenes. As the dust settles over the next 9 days I'll have 3 major changes to announce:

1.) Cheryl is joining me! Cheryl Butterworth - my wife - was born to do this job. She loves homes more than I do, and she's better with people than I am (and I've done pretty well in both of those areas over the years..) She's going to be an absolutely dynamite addition, and I'm excited about it both personally and professionally. I'll have more details and a more personal announcement when it becomes official.

2.) Thompson's Realty will be no more. You've probably already heard, via the blogosphere or Facebook, but Jay and Francy have made a personal & professional decision to merge their brokerage with another office. Jay & Francy are two of the best people in the business, and I know they believe they can do more good for more people with the new arrangement. What that means for The Phoenix Agents is we'll have a new home soon. More on that announcement as it becomes official.

3.) Major Website Updates are on the way. Given the two changes above, and the fact I've been running the same blog on the same theme for a few years now, this seems like an ideal time to shake things up online. Everything is fair game (host, provider, theme, blog engine, color scheme, widgets & plugins - it's all up for change) EXCEPT for the quality of the writing. I'm not going anywhere, which means I'll still be sharing my thoughts, opinions, and observations about Phoenix, real estate, Phoenix real estate, and anything else.

So many changes at once, it might as well be an Extreme TPA Makeover, or Pimp My TPA. The next couple weeks promise to be logistically and programmatically challenging, but I'm excited for what lies at the other side.

Please bear with me, and keep your eyes open for what's coming..

-Chris Butterworth