Monday, February 6, 2012

Interesting Articles 2-7-12

Here are a few recent articles I found interesting enough to share.  I hope you enjoy them.

Housing Policy Changes - a quick look at some of the changes coming in the next few months with regards to federal housing policy, specifically distressed housing.  by Calculated Risk.

**note - I offered the Fed a suggestion of renting out foreclosed properties 3 years ago.  just sayin'.

Cheaper to own a Phoenix home than to rent a Phoenix home - friend and Realtor John Wake found this article, showing what we knew to be true.. to be true. (according to the Wall Street Journal)  I will delve deeper into this topic for my next Viewpoint newsletter – which you can sign up for here.

The Clutterfat Challenge: Transform Your Living Space in a Month - an interesting challenge from Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, but a concept I really like.  I did not participate in this challenge specifically, but I have eliminated a lot of my own clutter over the last year, and I agree with the 'simple is better' philosophy (up to a certain point!)

How We Paid Cash for Our First Home - a post on the Get Rich Slowly blog.  On one hand, it shows how easy things can be when you have a big salary.  On the other hand, it shows the power of dedication and focus towards savings.

Death to Pennies - a 4:31 video making a great case for why the penny needs to be eliminated, produced by C.G.P. Grey.  If you like it, click around his site to sample his other videos.

App of the Week: Paper Camera – 40tech highlighted this app of the week.  I think it looks fun, and will most likely download it soon.

That’s all for now.

-Chris Butterworth