Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random non-real estate related post

Nothing real estate related here at all. Just found a cool new blog that I added to my feed reader, called JetHead: The World from 30,000 feet at 500 mph.

JetHead is over at and it's the periodic musings of a commercial airline pilot. He flies a 737.
I’m typical of the major airline pilot: seven years as an Air Force pilot flying worldwide, twenty-five plus years in [American Airlines] cockpits, captain since 1991, and many, many thousands of pilot-in-command hours with the commensurate number of take-off and landings to match. Like all of our cockpit crews, “this ain’t my first rodeo.”

My favorite post so far is the one called Fearful Flyers: What Not to Worry About. JetHead goes into great detail about the safety engineering on big commercial jets ....and then throws out this little chuckler:
Your jet is designed to endure a shaking like Charro on crack and still go about its business. Although I’ve never asked a nervous flyer because I’m trying to calm them, not piss them off, if you are a white knuckle flyer, do you worry about your car falling apart whenever you cross railroad tracks? Probably not–even though your car is NOT designed with the stress tolerances of our jet. Just something to think about.

Some of his posts are technical, like comparing the old MacDonnel-Douglas MD80 to the brand new Boeing 737-800. But some are "sketch of life" type posts, like extra-odd people he finds in the airports during the Christmas holidays.

Now, at the airport, odd stuff is a given. That’s because odd people still have very little time and so must go by air, I suppose, to share their weirdness with family and friends.

Plus JetHead has beautiful photos of his time in-flight. Cruise on over and see if you like what has to offer. Or check out our blogroll of interesting and useful blogs about real estate, life, tech & geeky stuff, and other stuff like design.  Enjoy!

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