Monday, February 14, 2011

Frank & Nick – student managers for Villanova Basketball

(Video below)

I’m a hard-core Arizona Wildcat fan.  But as a parent of a non-verbal son with autism, I’m also very aware of how people and organizations treat others, particularly those whose first appearance doesn’t tell their whole story.

Enter Villanova basketball.

Yesterday ESPN ran a story on the Villanova basketball program – turns out both the men’s and the women’s team-managers have special needs (cerebral palsy), and one of them is non-verbal.  But this isn’t just a goodwill ploy, or a chance to make a student with special needs feel, well, special.  This is a case where, looking past first appearances, they were able to find talented and dedicated students to help their basketball teams, who just happen to have disabilities.

(See the 5-minute video from below)

Update - I can't get the video to embed, so here's the link to see it on ESPN's site:

As of yesterday I’m a big Villanova fan – my second favorite team.  But we should have known they were good – after all, they’re the Wildcats!

Your appreciates those who don’t judge based on things people can’t control Realtor,

Chris Butterworth