Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Save money on laundry

Image ID 1078391 by Stock Exchange user coptaFound today’s money saving tip on HomeEc 101, a nifty blog about all the things you were supposed to learn in your high school Home Economics class but probably didn’t pay attention to.

You can use Borax or vinegar in your laundry to save money. I never knew this, did you?

  • Vinegar is a cost-conscious alternative to liquid fabric softener.

  • Borax in the laundry water gives you soft water. This is especially helpful for many folks in the metro Phoenix area, since we have notoriously hard water which causes detergent buildup.

Do you have any great laundry tips? Or other household tips? Thanks to the New Normal economy we’re all struggling living through, every money-saving and time-saving tip is very, very welcome. Post your comments below!

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