Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our broker named to 100 Most Influential list

Big congratulations to our broker, Jay Thompson, for being named to the Inman News 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders list!

This is of course no surprise to any of the nearly 30 Realtor agents who work for Jay.*  He speaks locally and across the country at real estate conferences, is quoted in mainstream media,  runs a kick-butt real estate search site and blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, and he's an all around likable guy.

Jay's stature in the industry is one of the reasons we're working with him. Try Googling "Phoenix real estate" and his site is result number 4, on page 1. In a land where around 90% of home buyers start their shopping online, that's unbeatable. Because we're with Jay, our seller clients get their listing in front of more eyeballs. And our buyer clients can take advantage of his ability to help us mirror his best-in-business home searching capabilities.

But really when it comes down to brass tacks, the reason we're with Jay is that we just love him. He's just damn good people and he surrounds himself with damn good Realtor agents. We're proud to be part of the team of world-class Realtors he's building.

*What is a surprise is that Inman News doesn't have a category for 100 Most Influential People Behind the Scenes, because our broker's wife Francy would win that award hands-down. She's a full time Realtor agent herself, and she quietly and competently runs the office in the background. Since we're up to nearly 30 agents, this is no small accomplishment. The amount of emailed and uploaded PDF files flying back and forth between the agents in the field and Francy in the office has got to be staggering. And yet every time I speak with Francy she's pleasant and friendly and has time to answer my questions. My paperwork -- which I present to Francy in a sort of befuddled, hurried, hot mess -- is always neatly arranged by the time the deal closes. My commission checks arrive so fast I barely have time to anticipate them. Francy, you are a Queen among women, and a big part of the reason Jay became the Real Estate King that he is.