Sunday, September 12, 2010

Furniture and appliance stores in North Phoenix area

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Clients of ours need to furnish an entire home – their new vacation home.  They asked for local recommendations on retail sources for appliances and furniture.

Thought I’d pass on the insider tips to our loyal readers. All four of them.

For appliances, I recommend either B&B Appliances in Sunnyslope or Spencer's Appliances or even Best Buy. If you tell them you're buying a combo pack of appliances of some kind, most stores will give you a discount or interest free financing or something like that. 

For furniture, I guess I'd recommend IKEA first. They're in Tempe and have all kinds of styles. It's not just Danish modern anymore. 

Also good (and local!) is Pruitt's down on Thomas or Indian School and about 20th Street.

Pruitt's "scratch and dent" section can be quite a good bargain, because their idea of a scratch or dent is usually VERY minimal and possibly un-noticeable.   Ashley Furnishings is also good.

The Room Store also gets very good press around town for discount pricing.

And if you just want to browse in person, you can visit what I call The West Bell Road "Furniture Row". This is a group of a half-dozen or so shops on West Bell Road in the Northwest Valley. They're mostly on the north side of Bell Road, out west at about 69th Avenue out to about 75th Avenue. They include Thomasville, Oasis Bedrooms, Creative Leather, Razmataz, Design Source Furniture, BBQs Galore, Paddy O’Furniture, the Ethan Allen Design Center, the Stool & Dinette Factory, etc. They're all in a row, just east of the Arrowhead Mall on Bell Road. Good shopping!

If you’re made of money, go to Robb & Stuckey in North Scottsdale. For the rest of us mere mortals on a budget, the retail shops above are a good bet.

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