Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the heat sneaks up on you

This morning was beautiful – absolutely beautiful.  I took advantage of the nice weather & grabbed a seat on the patio at Paradise Bakery this morning.  Did I mention it was 5:45 am?  That might have something to do with the almost cool temperature..


By 7:00 I noticed it was getting a little warm, but I was on the phone & wanted to finish what I was working on before I moved indoors.  Well, the phone call led to an email, which led to opening my internet browser, which led to my feedreader, etc. etc.  Next thing I know it was 8:00 and the desert sun was doing a number on me..  I suddenly realized I felt like it was 3:00 in the afternoon & I had been out showing houses all afternoon!

Thankfully there was an air conditioned table waiting for me inside.

New to the Valley of the Sun?  Be careful – the heat can sneak up on you quickly.

Your recovering nicely Realtor,

Chris Butterworth