Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sometimes it’s just too much

indulging our kids.png

This was taken with my Blackberry, so the color tone is ‘off’. I didn’t capture the whole closet because I was trying to avoid showing anything personally identifying (it’s not my kid, or even my clients’ kid, and the house is currently for sale).


I saw this in a home I was showing last weekend. It’s the walk in closet belonging to a child who is about 4 years old, based on the pictures of her in her room. It measured about 5 or 6 feet square. (perspective: many starter homes built in the early 2000s have bedrooms about 8 or 9 feet square)

Sometimes we indulge our children a wee bit too much.

I’m not judging, I swear. I have too many material things in my life and I’m on a blitzkrieg campaign to simplify, small-ify and generally reduce my life/budget/waistline. I’m just wondering if this picture isn’t a perfect reflection of how so many of us got into so much debt.