Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving Stills 97 – Summer Shade

The Fry’s grocery store at Tatum and Shea installed shade covers in their parking lot last week – a great solution to the Parking Lot Shade Tree question I posed last summer.  It still leaves me with 3 unanswered questions:
  1. Is this a competitive advantage?  In other words, would you drive a little further to shop at a store with covered parking?  (at least until the next store down the street offers the same thing!)
  2. If more stores did this, would you be willing to put a quarter in a meter in exchange for having more covered parking around town?  (I would.)
  3. Why aren’t these shades covered with solar panels, and then why aren’t there more solar-panel-covered-parking structures scattered across town?!
You can read the rules for a Moving Stills post and learn how the series came to be by reading my initial post in the series - Moving Stills 1.
Your likes the shade but is disappointed by not adding solar Realtor,
Chris Butterworth