Friday, July 2, 2010

Moving Stills 95 – Quitter’s Hill

Quitter's Hill
Wide lanes, smooth asphalt, sparse traffic, and a 105-foot vertical gain make this four-tenths of a mile stretch of Tierra Del Rio Blvd a great place to train.  Located about a mile north of the intersection of 107th Ave and Happy Valley Rd, I biked and ran this hill about 100 times this spring while training for my triathlon – it helped me both physically and mentally, since I usually wanted to give up and get off my bike the 3rd or 4th time up it & had to mentally challenge myself not to quit.  (hence my name Quitter’s Hill.)

You can read the rules for a Moving Stills post and learn how the series came to be by reading my initial post in the series - Moving Stills 1.

Your dreading and looking forward to riding Quitter’s Hill again this fall Realtor,

Chris Butterworth