Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Master Planned Community in North Peoria

North Peoria.

Mountains, desert, Lake Pleasant, rapid population growth, infrastructure development…  And a new master planned community? reported on Friday that developer Community Southwest is in talks with Peoria to work out the details of the costs involved with building out the infrastructure for a 695-acre development at the northeast corner of Deer Valley and Lake Pleasant Pkwy.

(click to enlarge map)

north peoria map 051410a

Is it too soon for a major project in our current economic environment?  Maybe; maybe not.  But it’s another example of somebody with a lot of experience and access to as much research as exists, who is willing to bet big on the Valley’s future (and more specifically the NW Valley’s future.)

Your head down & swinging hard for another year Realtor,

Chris Butterworth