Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great packing, moving idea

color coded strapping tape from UHaul

Color-coded packing tape marked with the name of the room the stuff goes in. This is so cool! sells this stuff, $2.95 for a 30yard roll.

Frugalista bargain-hunter anal-retentive tightwad that I am, I wondered if I could do better on pricing.  I looked around online and found that OfficeMax sells ‘paper tape’ for $3.49 for 500 inches. Who measures tape in inches??

Of course, now I need a measurement converter to figure out if 500 inches is more or less than 30 yards. If you are reading this shouting out “I can do that in my head!” I officially hate dislike you. <Chris, I’m lookin’ at you>

I might be able to convert 500 inches to yards in my head but it would hurt. So I checked the lovely folks at and their length converter. Five hundred inches is 14 yards. So the U-haul tape is the better deal.

I checked, OfficeDepot, and Target and couldn’t find anybody selling packing tape that’s color-coded. Readers, can you?