Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where has modesty gone?

Haven’t we crossed the line in the whole “any publicity is good publicity” thing?

Seems like every email I receive (from a salesperson), every radio ad I hear, and every website I read all claim to be “the best”, loudly and repeatedly.  I’m tired of it – more than that, I’m sick of it.  If you’re that good, let other people sing your praises for you, and I’m sure the song will sound better.

Remember Jerry Rice?  Receiver for the 49ers, arguably the best receiver of all time, and possibly the best football player of all time.  (and more recently champion on Dancing With the Stars.)  No contract holdouts, no public criticisms of his coach or quarterback, no media distractions, no demands for respect – all he did was out-work, out-catch, and out-score everybody else in the league.

Then there’s Steve Nash – 2-time league MVP and the starting point guard in this weekend’s NBA All Star game.  You’ll never hear Nash say how great he is, and he’s never been a distraction to any team he’s ever played on.  He simply out-works and out-plays everybody else in the gym, and everyone knows it – inside & outside of the league.

Want one more?  How ‘bout my broker Jay Thompson?  Everyone in the industry knows Jay as a razor-sharp, ultra-successful pioneer in the real estate web 2.0 world.  Yet you’ll never hear Jay say anything more self-promoting than “I tried a few different things and have been fortunate enough to get lucky now and then.”  Yeah, right!  No one’s buying it, but everyone respects him more because of it.

Heather & I have been approached several times by “website professionals” and told our site isn’t “optimized” and doesn’t do enough to keep visitors here.  Oh well.  Our former clients seem to appreciate what we do, and the vast majority of our business comes from repeat & referrals.

Don’t look for changes anytime soon – we’ll keep our attention squarely on our clients, and let our clients sing our praises.  Besides, have I already mentioned how much I can’t stand people who shout about how great they are?  I wouldn’t want to hate myself in the morning…

Your head down & plugging forward Realtor,

Chris Butterworth