Friday, February 5, 2010

Freeway construction in the NW Valley

Cheryl & I moved to Peoria shortly after the NW Corner of Loop 101 opened, and one of the first things we said was how stupid it was there wasn’t an offramp at Beardsley.  This would be the obvious exit for everyone in North Peoria.  Instead, people either exit at 75th Ave or Union Hills and then double back to get where they’re going.

In the early 2000’s the City of Peoria started holding talks to get community feedback about adding a Beardsley Connector, and after a lot of uproar from my Fletcher Heights neighbors (NMBY!), the project was approved.

Construction started recently, and I’ll be anxious to watch the progression and see the finished product – it’ll save me 10-15 minutes a day of extra driving!

(Red line shows the new connection, Blue circle & arrow shows who is excited about it.)

beardsley offramp map 1






Your wonders why they don’t just build freeways right the first time Realtor,

Chris Butterworth