Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really Fun Volunteering Opportunity

How many times have you thought you’d like to volunteer but you dread being stuck with crappy boring jobs nobody else wants to do?

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How about volunteering to receive some unconditional love from a pet who’s lost his family? What could be more fun than walking a madly wagging tail attached to a dog who’s overjoyed to see you? Or playing Catch the String with a cat who’s dying for a tummy rub?

The Arizona Humane Society needs volunteers to help out at their shelters. You can walk a dog, play with a cat or help out in their thrift store. They also need volunteers to foster shelter animals in their home for short periods of time for a variety of reasons.

Take a few hours out of your month to volunteer in a very fun way for a very worthy cause. Contact the AZ Humane Society, Lost Our Home, or Arizona Animal Welfare to see how you can help a pet without a family to love her. Or try any local animal shelter near you.

There’s a pet out there waiting to give you some love today.


This post is for Happy Jack, the foreclosure cat my brother found on his doorstep in East Mesa. We both tried to take him into our homes but couldn’t make it work (Him-Violent Allergies ; Me-Existing Hostile Alpha Cat). He’s waiting in Sunnyslope’s Humane Society shelter for someone to take him home, love him, and rub his belly.

found cat again