Monday, January 4, 2010

I’m here to serve you (but not if “you” is another agent)

I received an email from an agent last night which I want to share.  But first a quick set up of the scenario (I’m keeping the percentages & relationships the same, but changing the actual numbers.)

We put a new listing into MLS last week:

  • The agent in question submitted an offer on behalf of her buyers for $444,000 - 88.8% of the asking price – with a response time of 5:00 pm today, meaning our sellers have until 5:00 pm today to respond to the offer.
  • Homes in the neighborhood have been selling at 95% – 99% of listing price.
  • Comps in the neighborhood show our listing should be priced at $471,000 to $500,000.
  • After viewing the competition, I’m confident our listing will be considered very desirable by the majority of buyers – it’s a terrific house, very clean and tastefully decorated.
  • Based on the above, our listing is priced at $499,000.
  • We’ve had a lot of activity on this house (not that the agent in question knows this for sure, but nice homes in this neighborhood in this price are selling quickly, so it might be assumed.)

OK, here is the email I received:

Hi there,

Are we going to be hearing from you by tomorrow. I have quite a few contracts going and need to schedule time accordingly.

And here are some potential responses:

* Hi there, We didn’t realize how busy you were.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  We’ll respond right away.

* Hi there, Yes you’ll hear from us tomorrow.  Please let me know if your buyers decide to make a better offer in the meantime.

* Hi there, Maybe you wouldn’t be so busy writing offers if you wrote offers high enough to get accepted.

* Hi there, Seriously?

Your shaking his head Realtor,

Chris Butterworth