Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FHA Defaults: Maricopa County only 49% worse than national average

Neighborhood Watch.  I found an interesting website, called Neighborhood Watch and maintained by HUD, which allows users to slice & dice HUD (and FHA) data in a variety of ways.

Here are some ‘tip of the iceberg’ examples:  (click any chart to enlarge)

How does Maricopa County compare with the rest of Arizona?


Hmmm.  I kind of expected Maricopa County to be far worse than Arizona as a whole..

How does Arizona compare with Colorado – another state of similar size, with almost the same number of FHA loans, in the same part of the country, with borders that actually touch?


Twice as bad – that sounds more like it.  Or at least more like what I was expecting to see.

And now back to this article’s title – how does Maricopa County compare with the United States as a whole?


I guess the national average also has California, Florida, and Nevada pushing it up, but I expected the difference to be more like the AZ-CO numbers…

You can actually do comparisons for different metrics, and drill all the way down to the zip code level – a pretty neat toy for a number-cruncher!

Mortgage Lender Comparison

The Neighborhood Watch website also allows comparisons by lender, in addition to by region.  “What’s the importance of this?”, you might be asking..

Calculated Risk ran a story this week showing HUD is starting to go after specific lenders with significantly higher than average default rates in their portfolios.  They’ve identified 15 lenders for their initial probe.

Your hoping HUD is able to prove fraud Realtor,

Chris Butterworth