Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paint Your Pool Electric Blue

Doesn’t this pool look a little TOO blue to you?

Paint your Pool Electric Blue

I just recently found out there’s such a thing as blue paint for plaster pools. It turns the pool into a shockingly bright baby blue.

In defense of this pool owner, I don’t know for a fact they painted it. It just caught my eye in the MLS because it's the same shade of shocking blue Chris and I have seen lately in a few fix and flips in the under $150,000 price point.

Honestly, we walked around and around said pools, puzzling over why they were so blue. We figured it was one more thing to verify during the Due Diligence Period, until one of us found used paint cans stacked in the backyard. Sure enough, they were labeled for use on pools and had dried paint drips in the same shocking blue hue running down the sides of the cans.

Blue pool paint. Who’d a thunk it?

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