Friday, December 18, 2009

New Distressed Listings by Month – November, 2009

I’m a little later than usual with last month’s numbers.  I wish I had some big news where I could say the numbers were worth the wait, but I can’t.  It looks like we’re simply treading water.  (What’s even worse is we’ve been beaten down so badly be the news of the last couple years that I’m almost ready to call it good news when things aren’t getting worse.. Yikes!)

I added a 3-month rolling average to this month’s chart (red line), thinking it might help make trend-spotting a little easier.

(click to embiggen.)

Distressed Listings

Note:  I’m pulling all new distressed listings from the MLS, regardless of their current status (active, sold, etc.) I’m looking at Single Family Detached homes in Maricopa County, with some sort of bank involvement - Short Sales, Pre Foreclosures, Auctions, and Lender-Owned properties.  Numbers are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

Your trying hard to be patient Realtor,

Chris Butterworth