Monday, November 9, 2009 gets a facelift!

Our first post was 3 years ago this month, and we’ve noticed the inevitable sagging here and there as we've aged.

If you read our blog in your internet browser, you’ve probably watched the changes over the last week or so – columns moving around, new information being added (and then removed, and then added again!)

If you read our blog in a feedreader, would you mind doing us the favor of clicking through to see it in person?  We’d love to hear your feedback, especially regarding anything that isn’t working right.

Simple.  Easy.  Intuitive.  (at least that’s what we were going for.)

We took an informal survey amongst ourselves and a few close friends, asking “What do you notice when you open our blog?”  The results were not pretty – top 3 answers were:

1. It looks like the internet threw-up on your sidebar!

2. It’s too confusing.  I usually get overwhelmed and close my browser right away.

3. You have a blog?

We tried to make more information available to you in an easier-to-digest format.  How’d we do?

ps – Part II of this re-design will be the announcement of our new Market Opinion service (The Phoenix Agents’ Viewpoint) – live as of today for current subscribers and open to new subscribers later this week!  Stay tuned…

Your hopes his programmer’s headache will go away one day Realtor,

Chris Butterworth