Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Needs?

Sometimes as a buyer it’s really crucial to tell your Realtor about your special housing needs. Here are my 2 favorite examples of former buyer clients with whom I’ve worked, and their special needs:

  • buyers who were hyooge scuba divers and HAD to have a separate bedroom with a walk-in closet for their gear that couldn't withstand the heat of a garage in Phoenix, in the summertime

  • buyer who HAD to have a sink in the laundry room of specific dimensions for the family dog's private bath area

  • or my own special need – I must have a walk-in, standup shower stall in at least one bathroom because my cats’ litter boxes go in there (belieeeeeve me, you do not want unhappy cats who have to pee)

Disgruntled Employee of the Month (photo credit, I Can Has, date unknown)

If you’re home shopping now, you should stop for a minute to think about those special needs you might have. They’re yours, and so you probably don’t think they’re ‘special’.  If it’s something you have to briefly explain to visitors to your home, you should give your Realtor a head’s up. She’ll thank you for it, and your home shopping will go quicker and easier.