Monday, November 2, 2009

New Distressed Listings by Month – October 2009

The Bad News – October’s numbers are still hovering around the 5,000 mark, way too high to drive us into recovery mode.

The Good News – we just saw the lowest number of new distressed listings to hit the market this year, and the rolling 3-month average is showing a nice downward trend.

Am I seeing good news, or am I torturing the numbers a little too much?  Time will tell…

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Note:  I’m pulling all new distressed listings from the MLS, regardless of their current status (active, sold, etc.) I’m looking at Single Family Detached homes in Maricopa County, with some sort of bank involvement - Short Sales, Pre Foreclosures, Auctions, and Lender-Owned properties.  Numbers are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

Your fingers have been crossed so long his hand has a permanent cramp Realtor,

Chris Butterworth