Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension Is a "Go", Here's Why

Late yesterday the Senate passed a bill that included an extension of the Home Buyer Tax Credit. This morning, the House passed the same bill. For details of what the bill includes/excludes and ideas on whether you qualify, see our broker Jay Thompson's PhoenixRealEstateGuy blog.

Now goes to President Obama for his signature, some expect that to happen as early as tomorrow (Friday, November 6, 2009). Everybody in Big Media says they "expect" the President to sign it. Here's where my predicting comes into play, and where somebody (you, our dear readers) benefits from me being a political junkie.

Prediction: the President will sign the bill. It's a done deal. Home buyers, start your engines. I know, that doesn't seem like I'm going on out a ginormous limb. Let me tell you why, which I assume is why people bother to read blogs: for opinions.

A President's first veto is politically & strategically important. The first veto says something about the President, his agenda, his party and his vision for the country. President Obama isn't going to waste his first veto on this bill because he ultimately supports the idea of it, even if he might have some problems with the minor details. For this President, vetoing this bill would be the height of silly.

Critics of the bill have some valid points:

  • Home can't have a 'natural' recovery as long as the federal government is propping up prices via this tax credit

  • It's expensive and we're spending ourselves into our grandchildrens' wallets

  • etc, ad naseum

Supporters of the bill have some valid points too:

  • A tax credit isn't going to make people who are happy as renters suddenly buy a house

  • New home buyers tend to spend a lot of unexpected money getting the home 'just so' and that spending is by nature consumer spending, which accounts for 70% to 80% of the US economy

  • The tax credit extension will also help the "move up" market which has so far been sluggish

  • etc, ad naseum

So, dear readers, if you were on the fence about buying a home... consider it again. For Pete's sake don't buy a house just because the feds are waving six to eight thousand dollars in your face. But if being a homeowner suits you now, and you expect it will continue to be your cup of tea for 7 to 12 years into the future, maybe it's time.

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Thanks for reading our blog, we hope you enjoy it.