Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beige Paint Sells Houses

I’ve written before about “real estate beige”, and Chris Butterworth has written about getting a crisp, clean line between two colors of paint.

This is a textbook example of real estate beige.

Real estate beige, textbook example

This is exactly the tonal difference you’re aiming for when repainting beige to sell your home. And believe me, nothing impresses buyers more than a neat coat of beige paint on the walls and crisp, shiny white trim. Don’t believe me? BigMedia printed the evidence of this recently…

HomeGain Top 10 Home Improvements and ROI

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Painting the interior returns 250% on your investment. Holy Off-White Latex Liquid, Batman!

It’s the same reason car dealers detail every car they sell. We’re all suckers for clean & neat. Sellers, take note. Grab your paint brushes and bring home the bacon.