Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to Phoenix. It is not Tuscany.

I’m about to come out and say something that will tick off a lot of people, and puzzle some others. This is purely opinion. If you don’t care to hear my opinion, move on.

OK now, for the three readers who are left (who are also, coincidentally, my 3 best friends)…

Phoenix is NOT Tuscany. I believe there is no place in this desert Valley of the Sun for Tuscan inspired architecture.  I wish I could make designers stop it.

My argument, in pictures…

This is Tuscany


This is Tuscan architecture

tuscan stairs

This is what Tuscan style often looks like in the Valley of the Sun

Tuscan kitchen

Tuscany in PHX Ext

Tuscany in DIN

Tuscany in SCTSDL Ext

On the other hand, This is Arizona




This is the sort of interior design that “goes” if you live in metro Phoenix.

AZ Style EXT 1

AZ Style EXT2

AZ Style KIT

AZ Style KIT2

AZ Style LIV


Phoenix is not Tuscany. Now I’m not saying that everybody needs to live in a Santa Fe style house, or have viga beams in the ceiling or saltillo tile on the floor. I’m not saying that you have to have typically “Southwest” architecture and decor in your home. Maybe it’s not your thing.

All’s I’m sayin’ is: if your home is trying sooooo hard to look like it’s located somewhere in Italy, think about why you’re here and not there. And think about whether you just jumped on a design bandwagon because it was passing you by. Maybe your own style is more interesting than what Madison Avenue pumps out with a Tuscan label on it.


I didn’t take any of these photos. Many came from the MLS. Those that came from other websites and blogs are credited with links below that lead back to the original work.

Tuscan landscape, Tuscan stairways, Tuscan Kitchen

Arizona landscapes (2), Phoenix downtown, Additional Arizona Landscape marked “ABQstyle”