Friday, October 16, 2009

Treating People like People

<Personal rant coming>

Some people/businesses treat their clients like they’re walking dollar signs.  It drives me crazy.


I had something out of the ordinary happen this week, which required actually going inside my local bank branch (gasp!); I needed a little personal assistance in tracking down a potential problem.  I didn’t get the help I was looking for.

Now to state the obvious:  I’m a Realtor.  This means, almost by definition, I don’t carry the same banking balances I did a couple of years ago.  We’ve become quite thrifty to say the least.

The part that bugs me is that a couple years ago I would have had personal bankers falling all over themselves to help me.  I guess I already knew banks were all about the money, but it was disappointing to see it in action first-hand.

We’re Different.

I’ll let you in on another little inside secret:  Here at The Phoenix Agents, we make more commission when we sell a $1,000,000 house than we do on a $97,000 transaction.  (gasp again!)

But ask our first-time buyer-clients, who closed on their $97,000 dream home earlier this month, how we treated them, and they’ll tell you we treated them like a $1,000,000 client!

We try really hard to treat people like people, regardless of the price tag.  We wake up in the morning, give the day our best effort, and prepare to do it again tomorrow.  We’re not perfect, but we try.

Why we do it that way.

My parents gave me a picture a long time ago; the caption read:

“When the day is over, and you’ve done your best, wait the results in peace.”

I love the feeling of being proud of the face in the mirror, and of sleeping with a sound conscience.  I believe a good reputation is earned one interaction at a time, one decision at a time.

I’m not sure some of the people at (unnamed) bank feel the same way…

</ end rant>

Your gearing up for the weekend Realtor,

Chris Butterworth