Monday, October 26, 2009

Can I Buy Now, and Rent My Old House?

QUESTION: I currently own a home and want to buy another. I want to rent out my old home to a family member who’s ready to move in next month and will take over my current mortgage payments. Can I buy another home?

ANSWER: Not yet.

Courtesy of our good friend and great lender, Kevin Reiser of AmeriFirst Financial*, here’s the explanation.

“Buy and Bail” was a big problem for lenders in 2007 and 2008. Homeowners who knew they were facing financial troubles or were seriously underwater on their existing home would buy a new home on a new mortgage while their credit was still OK, then let the former home go into foreclosure.

Lenders caught on to this pretty quickly and now most have rules that say you must have “seasoning” on the rental income. In most cases, this means you must have proof that you’ve been receiving the rental income for at least 24 months and must have claimed that rental income on your taxes as well.

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