Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Upvise – another BlackBerry tool

I’ve written before about trying to use my BlackBerry to the fullest extent possible.  It just so happened that the shift to mobile computing coincided with my fight against spam, and I ended up moving away from Microsoft Outlook completely at the end of April.

There has only been one piece missing from the puzzle – something Outlook did very well but I wasn’t able to replace:  Notes.

Sometimes when I have a flash of brainstorm while I’m out & about, the fastest way to capture a thought is to jot down a couple of sentences in a BlackBerry Memo.  Heck, I’ve even typed a whole blog post on my BB.  But if I can’t sync the memo with an application on my computer (or online somewhere), I have to re-type the note later.

Yesterday I discovered Upvise, an online application with lots of bells & whistles, but most importantly it offers a BlackBerry Memo Sync!  It also offers things like Shopping Lists, and the ability to real-time sync multiple BlackBerries to one list (so 2 people can grocery shop at different stores & check off items as they go, for instance.)  Oh yeah, and it’s a FREE service.

Just thought I’d share..

Your getting ready to upgrade his BlackBerry, but that’s another story, Realtor,

Chris Butterworth