Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Staging makes a HUGE difference – a note from the trenches…

We were out with “winter visitor” buyers yesterday, looking at semi-luxury condos in Scottsdale and North Phoenix.  We found two interesting units at Edge in Grayhawk:

Views Views Views!  One unit had what might be the single best location in all of Grayhawk.  A south-facing 3rd floor balcony gave uninterrupted views of Scottsdale and Phoenix, including all of the mountains – McDowells, Camelback, Mummy, Squaw / Piestawa, South, Estrellas, North..  it was AMAZING.  (and the crystal clear day yesterday only helped.)



(pictures not taken from actual unit – somehow your Realtor didn’t have his camera with him!)

Unfortunately, the interior couldn’t compete with the balcony – it was vacant and clean, but nothing jumped out as superior.. Inside it was just another condo.

Our clients appreciated the great view, but wanted to push forward.

Welcome Home!  The next unit we entered had a good location, with (another 3rd floor) pool-facing balcony angled slightly away from the neighboring building – it gave a sense of openness, community, and privacy all at the same time.


(again, picture not from actual unit.)

Inside, however, this unit was furnished and decorated perfectly.  Warm and inviting, cozy and comfortable, rich and elegant, all at the same time.  Our clients gave a smile, let out a contented sigh, and after a quick tour of the rest of the unit, made themselves comfortable at the couch & breakfast table.  Then they started talking about writing an offer!

Heather & I discussed with them the concept of some things being unchangeable.. that it was possible to make the previous unit look exactly like this unit, while impossible to give this unit that spectacular view.

In the end talk didn’t matter; staging did.

Your making a note to share this post with future sellers Realtor,

Chris Butterworth