Friday, September 4, 2009

New Distressed Listings by Month – August 2009

A big dip in the number of new distressed listings this month.  I’m always hopeful it’s a sign of things to come (the eternal optimist in me).  But the last couple of years has shown us plenty of “lights at the end of the tunnel” which have turned out to be oncoming trains!

The first chart below shows the total number of new listings for distressed properties by month.  The second chart breaks the number down to a listings-by-day number, which better accounts for the varying number of days in each month.

(click on each chart to see a full-screen view)

New Distressed Listings by Month

New Distressed Listings by Day

I’m pulling all new distressed listings from the MLS, regardless of their current status (active, sold, etc.)  I’m looking at Single Family Detached homes in Maricopa County, with some sort of bank involvement - Short Sales, Pre Foreclosures, Auctions, and Lender-Owned properties.

All data pulled from MLS and is assumed accurate but not guaranteed.

Your has seen enough foreclosures to last a lifetime Realtor,

Chris Butterworth