Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Navigating Phoenix – Head West, LAD.

We all know Phoenix is a big grid, with Named streets running east-west and Numbered streets running north-south.  And we know that street numbers start at Central Avenue, and run progressively larger to the east (streets) and west (avenues).

Click here for a humorous look at driving in Greater Phoenix

But things are never as easy as they seem, right?  What about all those Lanes, Places, Drives, and other street suffixes?

Head West, LAD.

Lanes, Avenues, and Drives are on the west side of Central.

That leaves Ways, Streets, and Places on the east side of Central.  Unfortunately, the only good acronym might be considered controversial these days – can I say “WaSP” without getting in trouble?

I can hear some of you crying now – What about Circle or Terrace or Court?  Well…

Knowing the basics of East-West, the hundred block of North-South, and LAD-WaSP will get you where you need to be just about every time.  If you still get lost, trust your Garmin or your Google Map; they do a pretty good job ‘round these parts.

Your gettin’ there from here Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

Confused about the freeway names in Greater Phoenix?