Monday, August 17, 2009

How wired is your realtor?

Technology is changing everything, and real estate is no exception.  Blogs, IDX, homes-for-sale websites, GPS, instant-messaging, texting, social media, smart-phones, virtual tours, satellite images, AAAGGGHHH!!  (it can make your head explode if you stop and think too much about it.)

Here is a great video putting things into perspective.  (If you’ve got 5 minutes…)

How do we PhoenixAgents approach technology?

Our goal is to use technology to make us better & more efficient, enabling us to do what we do well even better, and to share our knowledge & expertise, faster and with a wider audience.  We try NOT to use technology just because it’s hip or cool, nor do we think technology can replace a good old fashioned “live” conversation with a real person.

Fortunately we’re techie enough to embrace change, and we’ve been able to make great use of new opportunities along the way.

Your thankful his head finally stopped spinning from that video Realtor,

Chris Butterworth