Thursday, July 9, 2009

Staging Your Kitchen, Goldilocks Style

This kitchen has too much stuff.

KIT with too much stuff again

This kitchen has too little stuff.

KIT with too little stuff

This kitchen is just right.

Starter Home KIT upscale

A Few Pointers for Kitchen Staging

Greenery makes potential buyers feel ‘homey’, calm and reassured. A little goes a long way though. Notice this fairly roomy kitchen has only one green plant. Don’t overdo.

Paint. That. Kitchen!  Home builders across the Valley of the Sun use particularly horrible shades of white paint. Cottage White and Swiss Coffee are common. I think it’s because they can buy it in bulk and it touches up easily.

But the quality of the daylight in Arizona is different than elsewhere. Under our scorching sun, these whites look chalky, dead-flat, grayish and depressing.

Swiss Coffee does look stunning under other daylight conditions, however.

Unsure about choosing a white? It’s no wonder. Dunn Edwards alone has 100 shades of white. Seriously!?!  For help choosing a white, visit this old post about “Real Estate Beige”.

Lose the clutter. If you don’t use it every single solitary day of your life, get it off the counter and out of sight. Or up on the pot shelves.