Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing To Be Afraid of Here

I’m a rookie Tweeter. TweetDeck is my new crush slash time suck.

Follow me on Twitter, I’m @NorthPhxAgent.

My Twittering has led me to a lot of new blogs and websites. Sometimes… no. Often, I’m afraid to click on a particularly compelling-looking link or visual on a site I don’t know.

Will clicking give me a virus? Or a Trojan horse? Or some nifty new spyware? Bots, worms, spiders. A girl can turn into a hot mess of indecision just reading her new friends’ status updates.

Thinking about all this made me realize that we don’t toot our own horn here at The Phoenix Agents at Thompson’s Realty nearly enough. Warning, horn toot coming up.

There is nothing you can click on our blog that will give you anything icky.

Click to your heart’s content. Visit every nook and cranny of our site, free from fear of spiders, bots, spyware, viruses and most of all, no spam email. Ever. We promise.

There was that one time that Chris’ former blog was hacked so that it displayed a message that promised computer doom if you clicked. But even that was just an onscreen scare tactic, not an actual virus.