Sunday, July 19, 2009


Joyfully, I bring you the weather forecast for metro Phoenix for the coming week. Pay attention to Friday's predicted high of a mere 98 degrees.

Phx weather week of July 20 2009 (click on the pic to embiggen)

Ninety-eight degrees! I'm so happy I'm bursting! It's been HOT here in Phoenix lately. Brain-fryingly hot. Cranky-making hot. We've had high temps in the one-teens (my car display showed 117 degrees today) and overnight "lows" (as those weather folks in the air cooled TV studios so mockingly insist on calling them) in the low 90's.

Yes, it's true that Arizona is a dry heat. But we too have our muggy season, and we're in the thick of it. Combine temps in the one-teens with humidity levels of 15% to 35% and you begin to think it really is possible to melt your brain. And other things as well. . . .

Every year, the city of Oatman, Arizona hosts an annual Egg Fry Contest to see who can cook the most edible egg on the sidewalk in 15 minutes. Our broker, Jay Thompson, a.k.a. Phoenix Real Estate Guy has written about cooking a roast inside his car one hot June day.

Ninety-eight degrees. Bring it on, I’m ready. I’ve even pulled out a long sleeved Tshirt just in case I get chilled.

Updated July 20, 11:30am Phoenix time.

Apparently the weather forecast has been revised and we're in for continued hot and cranky: