Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Stars and Stripes

Sometimes we look around and see things that hurt, and it can be easy to get 'down'.

  • Friends or family members losing their homes in this tough economy.
  • A news story about child abuse, or murder & violence.
  • An uneasy feeling about the long-term price we're all going to have to pay from the financial bailout and massive deficits.

Then we look around at the bigger picture..

  • Violence over elections in Iran
  • Piracy and lawlessness in Somalia
  • Poverty, disease, and oppression around much of the world
  • People living in fear of Cartels and War Lords
  • People living without the basic freedoms of speech or religion

And there's no denying we live in the greatest country, with the most freedom, in the history of our planet.  Race, Color, Religion, Political Party - doesn't matter.  You get a voice and a vote.

I hope you take a few minutes this weekend to reflect on what it means to be an American.  Praise our past generations; teach our future generations.

Cheers, America.  Happy Birthday.

Your freedom-loving Realtor,

Chris Butterworth