Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Customer Service Reminder

Sometimes we get a reminder to show us what customer service is all about.  (or not about, as the case may be…)  Yesterday I had one of those reminders.

I have a couple of watches where I wanted to switch the bands from one to the other.  Same size watches, same manufacturer – should be an easy task, right?

lacking customer service

I stopped by the local “fine jeweler” yesterday to see if he could do it for me.  (Howard & Blum is next door to The Java Grounds – a great coffee cafe near my house.)  The conversation went something like this:

CB: Can you switch these two watches’ bands for me?

H&B: Maybe.

CB:  What do you mean, maybe?

H&B: I won’t know until I take them off & look at them.  It’ll cost $12.

CB:  Wait – I have to pay the full price, even if you don’t switch them?  (at this point I’m just fishing; who knows what he’s going to say, right?)

H&B:  Takes me the same amount of work.  You don’t work for free, do you?

CB:  laughs.  Sometimes. – I’m a Realtor.  I work my butt off & give everybody my best effort, all the time, and I only get paid if or when a transaction successfully closes escrow.  So I only get paid for successful results.

H&B:  Pauses and looks at me for a minute with disdain.  Then pushes the watch back across the counter at me and grimaces before muttering “fix it yourself” and walking away.

Thanks, Howard & Blum.  I needed that little reminder of How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People.

Your stunned and shaking his head Realtor,

Chris Butterworth