Wednesday, July 29, 2009


“You have reached The Mortgage Relief Hotline.”

You’ve probably seen the commercials on your TV lately too. “STOP FORECLOSURE” they scream at you. “GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS HELP YOU!”

One of these caught my eye tonight because it never mentioned the name of the company that was offering the help. I thought that was scary so I called to find out what it’s all about.

These are the notes from my brief conversation this evening with the clerk who answered the phone.

Discount Mortgage, 1-888-336-5967

  • They’re doing loan modifications based on “the federal bailout program”

  • They work with the client’s existing mortgage lender, try to get them brought current, trying to get the client lower interest rates

  • They’re also working with “the Obama plan doing balance reductions”

Where located? Scottsdale

What information needed from homeowners? “We run them thru a prequalification process before talking with their lenders.” That includes the homeowner’s ”monthly budget, taxes & insurance, income, etc.”  Once the homeowner is prequalified with Discount Mortgage, the company starts talking with the homeowner’s lender(s).

What happens after the homeowner gets prequalified by The homeowner must send the following

  • mortgage statement

  • 1 month pay stubs

  • 2 months bank statements

  • 2 years of taxes (the entire return)

What fees? It varies, starting at $995 to cover the processors and negotiators,  and for multiple loans or high balance loans, fees can go up to $3,000

What if Lender Doesn’t Modify the Loan?

The clerk I spoke with said “There’s a part in our contract called ‘nonperformance’ which is a 100% refund if savings isn’t at least 15 times the loan modification fee [charged by].

More Information to Follow Tomorrow

I’ll call again tomorrow morning, during business hours, to find out a bit more, including:

  • how long in business?

  • local, regional, national?

  • success rates?

  • number of employees?

  • when exactly is the fee due? before the prequal process or after?

  • what are the qualifications of the people who handle these modifications? are they lawyers? paralegals? trained or certified?

  • how is that 15% savings rate calculated?

Check back tomorrow for more! Please comment if you have questions you’d like me to ask, or if you’ve used a loan modification company yourself.


The call center clerk I spoke with tonight was was pleasant and helpful, and very mindful of the fact that I was taking notes. I didn’t hide who I was, and told him upfront that I’d be writing about on this blog.

I’m not endorsing Discount Mortgage ( in any way. They didn’t ask me to write this story and I’m not getting anything for writing it. OTOH, I’m not here to bash them either. I just thought it would be helpful for The Phoenix Agents readers to see behind the curtain on one loan modification organization.