Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Real Estate Glossary - Pot Shelves

No, these are not a place to keep your stash. Or your mis-spent youth. Although they often become the reliquary of all things green.

Starter Home KIT normal

See up above the kitchen cabinets where the fake green plants sit? That’s sort of a pot shelf.

Here are some more.

pot shelves in LIV RM

pot shelves in FAM RM blurry

Just to prove that it’s not only working class families who don’t know what to do with pot shelves:

pot shelves at 2M This photo is from a home listed for sale at $2,000,000.  Two million smackers and still we can’t figure out how to effectively utilize pot shelves. Personally, I put pot shelves in the category of “everybody says they want one, but then nobody uses it once they move in.” Kind of like garden tubs.

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