Friday, June 5, 2009

More on Landmark Towers

WOW! I’m still getting truly awesome comments from readers over at my old blogsite about the Landmark Towers. (one-half of this blog used to be at

I hadn’t paid attention to the old blogsite’s comments in a while and did I ever miss out! I’m reprinting all the comments here. They're in order from oldest to newest.

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Submitted on 2009/02/07 at 12:24pm by Mike

Rented out a place on the 17th floor for over 2 years (Oct 2006-Dec 08) at Landmark. I only had the constant issues with the water. (They turn it off for a few hours at least once/month). I know some lower units were water soaked a few times and there were some units with AC issues.

Prices here have come crashing down…..but the HOA fees have skyrocketed up with less services. I really didn’t care for the valet service & actually preferred the setup they have now in taking your own car down.

The prior post about the light rail is true (and I lived on the south side of the building). On the positive side, I guess you don’t need to invest in an alarm clock clip_image001[4] ) It had no bearing on me moving on, but it is quite loud (hearing the horn/announcements/and the rattling on the tracks — which I believe comes around the curve by Camelback/Central)

I think buying here is a losing proposition. You see all the availables for a reason.

Submitted on 2009/02/10 at 12:28pm by Dave

I toured the building looking at units. To me they are priced well. As far as the HOA, again, it includes nearly everything. The noise? Doesnt bother me, that is one of the reasons I WANT to live downtown.

The bottom line is the HOA reserves, legitimacy of winning the lawsuit, the occupancy, and the projected costs. All of these items are easy to accumulate and should be transparent to all homeowners and those looking to purchase.

Additional costs happen in life, however a massive hit is not something anyone can endure.

Submitted on 2009/02/16 at 4:10am by Liz

I’ve lived here 2+ years, and it went from a great place to live to a miserable place to live. Yes, the train generates noise: I don’t mind it a bit – I feel like I’m living in a city. Yes, the water is turned off at least once a month: an inconvenience, but tolerable. Yes, we’ve lost MANY amenities but the HOA fees are still too much, even with electric inclusion; but I’m willing to put up with that… What is completely unbearable is the exceedingly rude staff from City Property Mgmt; it has destroyed this place.

So I had to laugh when I read the following:
“It is possible to get the front desk day-shift woman on your side and then she’s sweet as candy. Start out by acknowledging how hard she works, then ask her questions about the job.”

So now we have to butter up some incredibly rude woman and stroke her ego so that she will quit being rude to our guests, stop gossiping about and telling boldfaced lies about residents to other residents as well as guests, and to quit acting as if she were the warden and the residents were her prisoners?

And to make matters worse, all other front desk personnel know absolutely nothing about anything… Why? So that if a resident needs anything, even a simple question to be answered, they can only be “helped” by the daytime shrew. And help is the last thing you will ever receive from her.

Submitted on 2009/02/22 at 11:51am by Keith

This thread is fantastic.

For the last week, I have been looking at these properties online as a prospective buyer reading opinions everywhere and this by far the most information I’ve found.

Is a good rule of thumb here the higher the better? I don’t know what the elevator is like but I’d figure less noise and possible water damage as you go up.

I’m amazed the front desk woman has a job based on the stories I’ve read on this site and others. What’s the deal? She’s a more common complaint than the HOA fees.

The HOA fees are exorbitant but heating/cooling/etc included is somewhat understood. One could only hope they drop as certain issues are remedied.

I read that the individual tenants have limited control over their own condo’s temperature. Is there any truth to that?

Submitted on 2009/03/11 at 3:40am by “Prospective Buyer”

I just wrapped up a tour at Landmark today and viewed roughly a dozen properties, all of which seemed to be in good-excellent condition considering the asking price.

I was lucky enough to speak with 2 residents here and they provided me with nothing but great reviews about LT; one of them just happened to be a resident of LT for 2 years and has lived on 2 different floors. However, they did acknowledge the ongoing issues regarding the pipes and water temperature/pressure. My boyfriend was able to confirm this when he turned on a few faucets in each unit and noticed inconsistent water pressure each one, as well as hearing noise coming from the water pipes. I also heard good things about the staff, although I don’t know whether they were referring to the residential staff or the HOA management. All I know is that a woman named Vicki is incredibly helpful and sweet.

I’ve been trying to find out as much information about LT and have come across very conflicting reviews. My parents are in the market for an investment property, which I plan to live in, and would love to hear more about LT, so please keep up with the comments and articles!

Other than this blog, this was the only website that I could find with reviews on LT.

I hope this helps and look forward to future posts on here!

Submitted on 2009/03/17 at 2:24pm by Kathye

I am also a prospective buyer who is interested in purchasing at LT. I noticed many units on the market, and the prices are at a low. I have not been over to the property to check it out. I have seen many pictures. It looks like a cool place. Is there any resident that would like to give me tour? I am not ready to contact a realtor yet. I would love to see the views from the balcony and ask a few questions. I’ll provide the beer or wine!

Submitted on 2009/04/30 at 3:09pm by Cindy

I am currently in the process of purchasing a 6th floor unit. I had it inspected two weeks ago and no water damage or pressure issues were found. In fact, the inspector said the pipes in this particular unit were nearly brand new. Not sure about the rest of them, though! clip_image001[6] The AC blew me away. All in all, the inspector said it was in great shape and was himself a bit enamored of the place.

I love the bustle of downtown and can sleep through a tornado so bring on the city sounds! I love the north view, the light rail and the gorgeous mountain backdrop. They represent a harmony of nature and technology working together for me. And for Chrissakes I won’t die before it’s paid off! Given what is included, the HOA fees still seem reasonable *enough* to me, and not having to even deal with those little things makes my life easier.

Does anyone know the approximate % of the building that is occupied? I now seem to see the same units over and over again, so I’m assuming most people are staying put that are there.

This site is great, thanks to all for the great research! clip_image002[4]

Submitted on 2009/05/19 at 9:48am by Cindy

Well that is an interesting question. I am still going through the loan process with my unit and yesterday the relator called and said they were raising the HOA fees $800 a month for 8 months to pay for a new air conditioning unit. On top of the $581 I will already be paying. However, that includes air/heat, garbage, cable, water, etc. Everything except internet and electricity, which is about 20-30/mo depending on which side of the building you live on. It is less on the north side because it is cooler. I am needing actually at this point to rethink this because I can’t afford what will basically be $1,622 a month for 8 mos.!!!

HOA fees vary depending on your unit. Mine is a 2 bed 1 bath. If anyone knows anything else, especially someone who is already living there, please contribute!

Submitted on 2009/05/21 at 11:54am by Mario

I am also a perspective buyer at the Landmark. It sure would be nice to have solid info from someone on the hoa board post something on this site to concerns about 800 dollar increases over 8 months !!! Getting scary…..6400.00… 8 months? Can anyone comment?

Submitted on 2009/05/29 at 3:55pm by Cindy

I called the HOA directly about this and spoke with the Accountant. My realtor called and told me this so I obviously was very upset. The accountant said that the issue with air had been addressed and if anyone would know about such a ridiculous increase it would be her. I am going forward with the purchase. That is what I have so far, but I’ll be sure to update if anything changes.

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