Saturday, June 20, 2009

Help Around the House

A couple of weeks ago I met with Amanda Thomas who is the head of Moxie Girl. I was really impressed with her and with Moxie Girl’s services.

Moxie Girl provides all kinds of home and personal “helper” kind of services. They do the kind of stuff that fills up your days but doesn’t add any value to your life. Their motto is “Providing Sanity”. Think of them like a personal concierge.

  • Kids’ playroom over-run by unused toys but don’t have time to sort through it all and create a “Donate to Charity” pile? Moxie Girl will do it for you.

  • How about getting ready for entertaining at home during the holidays? Or gift wrapping? Moxie Girl does that.

  • Every noticed that your grocery shopping list is filled with a few staple items that you have to replace week in and week out? You always need milk, bread, eggs, butter, etc. Moxie Girl can take care of that for you. They’ll send someone in to assess your fridge and pantry, confer with you, and next thing you know those staples will be there every time you need them.

  • Can’t spare 15 minutes to run pick up the drycleaning? Moxie Girl’s got your back.

  • Moxie Girl also provides traditional maid services and fix-it handymen type services.

Times are tight for a lot of folks these days, but you might be better off spending face time with your family instead of running to the drycleaner, deep cleaning the house or picking up milk and bread at the store yet again.

Give Amanda of Moxie Girl a call (602-705-3144) or check out their website. Moxie offers hourly rates and pre-paid packages.

Note: This might sound like a paid endorsement. It’s not. I just happen to like Moxie and some of our clients have used them successfully. doesn’t accept anything in return for mentioning vendors on our site.