Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Actions and Consequences - One More Drink

I met a woman this week who's interviewing contractors (AGAIN) to do some remodeling to her home.  She has equity in the house, and although she would prefer to move, she doesn't want to sell at the market's bottom; instead she's taking this opportunity to add square footage to her kitchen and family room and to upgrade her flooring, fixtures, countertops and cabinetry.

She interviewed and received bids from four different contractors.  One of them blew her away with his vision and references.  He wasn't the lowest price, but he wasn't the highest either.  She hired him to start on Monday three weeks later.  She spoke with him the week before he was to start, just to confirm they were still on.

Monday morning came to her front door, but the contractor didn't.  She grew concerned, and at about 10:00 gave his cell phone a call.  His wife answered.

Turns out our contractor was in Tent City, picked up over the weekend for a DUI.  He won't be able to work on her house at this time.

Think about that for a minute - what would that do to your career, your family, you bank account?  Think about it again the next time you're the designated driver..

Your thinking of another reason to live on the light rail line Realtor,

Chris Butterworth


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