Friday, April 24, 2009

the shrinking middle class

I was talking with my neighbor last night about the current state of the market/economy (as if anybody talks about anything else nowadays).  He made a comment I found interesting:

"Half the people we know are losing their homes and cars, and the other half are buying up property for $60,000 a home.  We feel fortunate that my job is secure and we haven't had any negative effects from the current economy, but we don't understand how all these people had that much cash lying around to buy cheap property...?!"

My guess is that most people out there are like my neighbor; you just never hear anybody talking about things being "ok" - it makes for a pretty boring story to tell your friends!

You hear sad stories about people getting laid off or losing their home, and you hear success stories about people buying great investments.  Makes for a more interesting conversation (and news report).

Your ready for the middle class's return to prominence Realtor,

Chris Butterworth