Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Phoenix Visitor Seeking Real Estate Deals?

“I want a great house, a great neighborhood and a great price.”

I hear that at least twice a week lately.

Federal Fair Housing law doesn’t let me talk much about good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods. Without opening myself up for a lawsuit, let me just say this:

Think of your hometown. There are parts of your hometown in which you wouldn’t purchase a home no matter how low the price. Phoenix is no different.

Plan to spend the better part of a day driving past some of the “great deals” you found on the Internet. You’ll save yourself and your Realtor a lot of time and frustration.

“I just want a great deal; I don’t care where it’s located.”

Phoenix is huge. It’s sometimes hard for visitors to realize that Queen Creek and Surprise can easily be 2+ hours apart by car during rush hour. Yet they’re both considered "metro Phoenix” and you’d see nothing but suburban rooftops the entire 2+ hours.

It’s true that you can find shopping, dining and entertainment in just about every corner of the vast Valley. But you’re bound to have personal preferences.

Do the touristy things in various parts of the Valley and find your favorite part of town. Again, you’re saving you and your Realtor time and frustration.

Off and running for the moment, showing homes to some visitors who wisely considered the above, and know exactly where we’ll find their great deal.